[NEWS] VIXX’s Leo Receives Numerous Love Calls for Photoshoots

VIXX’s Leo has been receiving numerous love calls for magazine photoshoots, becoming a new ‘blue chip’ in the industry.

Having released a duet song with Lyn in July, Leo’s photos have featured in magazines Allure, Ceci and Arena Homme Plus

As the main vocalist of VIXX, Leo pulled off various concepts in the photos, from innocent boy to homme fatale.

With a height of 183 centimeters, and a well-shaped body, Leo has been receiving numerous love calls from affiliates in the fashion industry, thanks to his unique look and mysterious eyes. 

He has also proven his vocal talent through his duet with Lyn, Blossom Tears.

Source: Mwave

This is from Beenzino ’ s how do I look mv

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Zico imitating Beenzino & Swings

I literally forgot how sexy zico is and how much i love his hands. just ugggh.


ajol_llama: "THE DOG LIFE" a short film. Made by Rome @romecclown

#Taemin1stWin + #괴도1stWin CONGRATS LEE TAEMIN!!

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MIR @ Men’s Health Magazine (September 2014 issue)





Hyorin (Sistar) - Sweet and Sour

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got7 for smart

i’ll admit that music wise they’re pretty basic (so far) but man these photoshoots though


In the Kpop fandom, the fact that there are some fans that think a male idol could never EVER do any wrong even if he did something horrific such as abuse and assault his significant other, yet if a female idol were to so much as sneeze she’s suddenly the scum of the earth speaks so much to the extremely worrying trend of misogyny in this fandom.