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Shit Ahn Jaehyo says (c)

i swear he was tweeting a lot today about how frustrated he is when he want to upload a HD picture because he dont know how to lol omg , he upload one but then complained how is it in HD ……….and then he says he’ll report you if you edit it omg lol wtf xD 


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get it though 

how to unsuccessfully woo women by kang minguk x

all of them were focusing at the wrong part of Ilhoon’s body…

ummmmmm lmfao

I met the girl of my dreams…I’ll see her again. It’s destiny.
Yook Sungjae as Kang Ming Goo in Plus Nine Boys - “Suddenly One Day”
"[BTOB’s] new mini album Move contains a total of five tracks and a bonus track covering various genres, and the members will reportedly be making a shocking visual transformation for the new music video and performance."


imhyunsik: 이런영상이 아이패드에 있었다니ㅋㅋㅋ일년전인가…거울더럽다…

yaaaaaaaassss I needed this comeback in my life 

[INFO] The album’s title ‘MOVE’ was decided because the members are determined to ‘move’ the hearts of listeners with their new songs

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