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you need to just quit that please

This nigga ain’t got no damn spine

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B.A.P’s 7th member, Zico

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jinson continuing jyp nation’s kkap tradition in sebakwi

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I really don’t understand why people make fun of and bash chad future when so many of you would give anything to be a part of the kpop scene. Like he doesn’t even do full on kpop.. It’s just what he likes to do and you guys think it’s hilarious like wow a white guy trying to make it in kpop. And…

Do you know how hard it is to be biracial (especially black) in Korea? You are constantly rediculed and put down. We praise Lee Michelle because after all she has been through she is still staying strong. We praise ‘Without You’ because it takes so much courage to release a song like that not just in Korea but in Asia. How many K-POP artists do you know that have released songs/mvs dealing with racism and discrimination. Lee Michelle is speaking up for the black community in Korea, she is standing up against the Korean beauty standards. What is Chad future doing exactly? The way I see it is that KPOP is just something fun for him to do for a while and in 20 years time he’ll get bored. he uses KPOP stars as accessories in his music video and that’s the truth. Chad futures “talent” can’t compare to Lee Michelle’s talent. Her voice is amazing 

LMAO That someone was obtuse enough to compare Chad fucking Future to Lee Michelle. Like, how does that even work? Besides the blatant anti-blackness, Lee Michelle is actually Korean and actually has talent, two things Chad Future desperately lacks in this illogical comparison.


Lee Michelle wearing traditional South Sudanese (Bari & Dinka ethnic group to be specific) attire for the play  ’Love Hamptons’. I was happy for Lee Michelle but I couldn’t ignore the fact that there was blackface.

How many times will you continue to make a mockery of black people Korea?

The dude’s bantu knots looks ugly as fuck, why did they even try?

Why didn’t they paint their faces white when they did Les Misérables?

What Paul Mooney said is true ”Everybody wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga.”



i think of this whenever i buy anything over $10

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This is what I do when I am extremely bored.  


Touch & Move Physical Album Cover

Hyorin // Touch my body